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Carpet Installation Chicago and our partner

Carpet Installation Chicago prides itself on being the pioneer and the biggest carpet installation company in Illinois. We cater to individuals and businesses with the promise of bringing them value for their money in the products that we sell and the services that we do. All flooring products and supplies we offer are obtained from Carpet Flooring IL to stay true to that commitment and to guarantee that our customers get the best quality at an exceptional value.

A carpet’s value
Carpets can instantly transform a room. The right carpet adds to a room’s character and personality. Finding the perfect carpet, however, can get exhausting and overwhelming.

Carpet Installation Chicago IL

There are just so many selections to be made and so many details to think through. Everyone knows that they can come in many shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and patterns. Most people do not know that they should also choose whether they want their carpet to have insulation properties or sound reduction properties.

Having all the said features, carpets can be considered an invaluable piece of furnishing to a space. However, carpets, especially those made of wool, do not come very cheap. Thankfully, carpet manufacturers have come to a more practical solution: carpet tiles.

Carpet Tiles versus a Traditional Carpet

Carpet tiles are pre-cut individual squares, or other shapes, of carpet that can be pieced together and directly installed on floors. Carpet tile installation is one of the many services Carpet Installation Chicago offers.

Unlike the traditional ones, carpet tiles are very portable and can be easily, quickly, and directly installed onto the subfloor without any underlays such as foam, giber, felt, and cushion. However, unlike a traditional carpet, you cannot get the plush underfoot feeling with carpet tiles.

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Arguably the best reasons for availing Carpet Tiles IL from us are its versatility and portability. But if you wish to know more about what they can offer you, these are five other reasons that make carpet tiles the choice of the architects and designers:

Carpet tiles are friendly on the budget. They can be bought, packaged, and transported in small units, unlike a traditional carpet. And since they do not require underlays, those who opt for this type of flooring can save lots of time and money.

Highly customizable
With carpet tiles, you can create your design for a room to emphasize a room’s function or personality and express personal style and individuality. Some companies use carpet tiles to reinforce their brand’s image.

Low Maintenance
Cleaning and replacing carpet tiles is relatively easier than doing the same on traditional carpets. The tiles can be cleaned with regular spot cleaning or vacuuming as they respond well to it.

With traditional carpets, a lot more waste is produced during the fitting and installation phase. Large chunks of carpet have to be cut to make sure that the carpet follows the shape and measurements of the floor. With carpet tiles, waste is significantly reduced.

The newer carpet tile designs available today provide warmth, comfort, and sound reduction properties, making them great for bedrooms and offices.

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Now that we have put forward the advantages of a carpet tile, you may be considering installing some in your home or your office. If you are still unsure about a wall-to-wall carpet or a carpet tile, give us a call! We would love to help! Contact our friendly and reliable flooring specialists at Carpet Installation Chicago for assistance or inquiries about carpet flooring options and installation services. 

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