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Floor Sanding in Chicago

What is the difference between floor sanding and refinishing?

As your Floor Sanding in Chicago explains, wood floor sanding is the act of removing the top layer of a floor. The process of refinishing involves fixing or reapplying a finish. Yet, we will not examine the precise concept of sanding in this piece. If you are reading this, you are presumably already aware of the entire process. What is more intriguing is why you should do it. What are the good points of it, other than a more aesthetically pleasing appearance?

Be honest: sanding and refinishing is not inexpensive, and the typical individual may ask why they should bother. Is there any practical advantage to this? It is far more convenient to simply cover the floor with a carpet or something similar and forget about it.

Floor Sanding in Chicago IL

Why Is This Entire Procedure Advisable?

Let us take a moment to consider it. Floor Sanders in IL acquires hardwood flooring for a variety of reasons. Without a doubt, it is the most costly option accessible. It is, after all, a natural product that looks nice in almost any context. It is comfy, easy to clean, and adds a sense of coziness to any space. People often like hardwood, which results in a rich and beautiful addition to your home when paired with its high cost. That is all right. The ability to sand and refinish solid wood flooring is, in fact, its most major benefit. Vinyl or laminate can be purchased and will last a decade or two if of good quality. After that, it's to the garbage can.

Hardwood, on the other hand, can be sanded and refinished numerous times. This method can be repeated up to multiple times, depending on the original thickness of the floor. There are some timber flooring that has lasted for over 300 years and counting. Under the ideal circumstances, a modern one may hold up to 100 people.

Floor Sanding's Real Advantages

  • Do you know what else is fantastic about a thorough cleaning? If there is no dust, there is a far lower probability of allergies developing. This would not be feasible if the surface were not well maintained, which includes sanding.

  • Sanding Hardwood Floors Chicago points out that one of the most overlooked advantages of floor sanding is its simple cleaning. And this is on a product that is already known for its ability to do so. A smooth, devoid of dents or scratches, the surface leaves no room for dust or debris to accumulate, making it very easy to clean.

  • Appearances are important. But what if we stopped caring about how we looked? What if we merely want to sell our house and relocate? A well-maintained hardwood floor will help you sell your home faster, easier, and for more money. At least, that's what real estate salespeople say, and who knows more about real estate than they do? A worn and distressed surface, on the other hand, will have the opposite impact, so prepare beforehand.

In finality, Floor Sanding in Chicago advises you what you would do if your floor becomes damaged and distressed? Yes, refinishing is not cheap, but it is a lot less expensive than replacing the entire floor, right? Cheaper substitutes that cannot be sanded must be changed roughly twice as frequently as hardwood. Why not just buy it once and stick with it for a long time?

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