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The Established Track Record of Flooring Solutions Chicago

For several years that we have been serving individuals and businesses from Chicago, Flooring Solutions Chicago has gained an untarnished reputation throughout the city and the state for the quality of service and products we provide. We are most dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive flooring solutions and exceptional customer service to our clients, whether new or repeat customers. Our team of experienced experts and our outstanding selection of Flooring Solutions Chicago IL are keys to ensuring that our customers get the most value for their money.

We have an array of flooring options and services our customers can choose from or avail. Among all of them, we are best known for our epoxy flooring solutions.

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The Leading Name for Epoxy Flooring

We have served different businesses throughout the years. A long list of those we have catered to belongs to the industrial and commercial industries in our portfolio. When it comes to providing flooring solutions for commercial and industrial purposes, we are the leading name for epoxy flooring. We are known for setting the highest standards and consistently raising the bar in this business. The tried and tested Epoxy Flooring Chicago that we provide is known for its strength, elegance, and durability that can last a lifetime. Achieving such a product required extensive research and proper chemical curing methods using the most advanced technology available in the market today. 

Epoxy Flooring Applications

Epoxy is very versatile and beneficial for various applications for two main reasons: epoxy makes floors visually appealing; and, epoxy does more than any other flooring type in terms of functionality.

Because epoxy provides the floor a smooth and shiny finish, it is perfect for places where impressions are a priority. With epoxy, floors can look aesthetically pleasing and clean. Therefore, this flooring solution is a good option for hotels, event centers, airports, malls, etc.

With epoxy, any concrete floor becomes waterproof, non-slip, resistant to abrasions, resistant to heat and contaminants such as chemicals, gas, oils, and grime. For these advantages, epoxy flooring is best applied in warehouses, automotive facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, restaurants, and most industrial and commercial sites.

Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring System

As mentioned earlier, epoxy is loved for its flexibility. This type of flooring has been engineered into different types to accommodate the different needs of various industries. Due to its many applications, choosing the right kind of system for you may be confusing. Here is a simple guide Flooring Solutions Chicago provides to help customers pick what is suitable for their business or needs. 

  • Self Leveling Epoxy Floor

    This type is used in environments where heavy foot traffic and mechanical pressure occur consistently. This system naturally self-levels to form an even surface, making it the top choice for manufacturing facilities, commercial garages, warehouses, and kitchens.

  • Quartz-filled Epoxy Floor

    Commonly seen in educational and commercial spaces, this system has epoxy resin mixed with quartz stones of varying textures and colors. This system is commonly applied in restrooms, locker rooms, lobbies, offices, and dining establishments, for it provides the floors in these locations with an anti-slip feature. Because of the quartz mixed, it also makes the floor look more tasteful.

  • Anti-Static Epoxy Floors

    This system can resist electro-static charge, which is extremely dangerous and fatal. It is a problem that is not uncommon in work environments that deal with insulators and conductors. Healthcare, electronic manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and flammable material; producing facilities can benefit from this system.

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