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Linoleum Flooring Chicago

Although there is a stereotype that linoleum flooring is outdated and belongs in your grandmother's kitchen, we believe this generalization is outdated in and of itself. Linoleum flooring has a bad reputation, and Linoleum Flooring Chicago thinks it is time to change that. Whether you want vintage linoleum for your classic kitchen or contemporary linoleum with all of its modern benefits, we can do either. So, with that in mind, here are the top reasons why linoleum flooring is the best choice for your next project!

Flooring Linoleum IL states that it offers a fundamental water resistance that you will not find in flooring choices like wood, aside from the stiffness that holds up under daily wear and tears. This feature makes it an excellent choice for areas where wet shoes and snow-

Linoleum Flooring Chicago IL

covered boots are typical, as well as areas where splashes occur, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Linoleum floors should never be submerged in water because the sides, corners, and seams will curl if they are. Floods, pipe bursts, and even extreme humidity can all be dangerous. Instead, look into comparable vinyl tile options for a more water-resistant option.

Most linoleum flooring comes with a 25-year or longer warranty. Yet, as mentioned by your Linoleum Floor IL, with reasonable care and maintenance, the product can last up to 40 years, which is more than double the expected lifespan of vinyl flooring. The commodity's inherent color-fast structure accounts for some of its durability: The design and color are written over the entire width of the fabric, not just on the top. Simply ensure that your home has linoleum flooring with a protective coating applied by the manufacturer to prevent the surface from darkening or yellowing, especially when exposed to direct sunlight—a feature not always included with any linoleum flooring option.

Simple to Maintain
Linoleum is one of the most easily cleaned and maintained floor coverings. Although the top layer protects against debris and scuffs, you should regularly scrub it with gentle, non-ammonia-based detergents. A frequent sweep or vacuum, as well as the occasional damp mopping with warm water, removes the abrasive soil particles that can harm linoleum over time.

Linoleum is derived from the Latin terms "linum," which means flax or linen, and "oleum," which means oil, illustrates the substance's natural roots. Linoleum is also biodegradable and recyclable. Because of the wood components, you may dispose of the material guilt-free after 25 to 40 years—take the used linoleum to an energy-recycling incineration plant or compost it in if the discard pile is small enough for your gardens like mulch or wood chips. Furthermore, due to its all-natural origin, no hazardous volatile organic compounds are produced.

A Wide Range of Options
Linoleum today is available in various colors, shapes, and patterns, including designs that resemble wood, stone, or marble. On the other hand, Linoleum is attractive; it also comes in a variety of installation methods and overall aesthetics. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles have an identical appearance to tile linoleum flooring, yet tile linoleum flooring cost is cheaper. Sheet linoleum flooring has the most designs and is available in jumbo-sized rolls suitable for vast, open spaces.

In finality, Linoleum Flooring Chicago points out that because linoleum is such versatile flooring material, you can use it to accent any design style, whether it's rustic, classic, stylish, or contemporary. What's not to like about that? Linoleum flooring quickly checks the majority of the boxes for your ideal flooring.

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